MA in Digital Transformation: e-Diplomacy, e-Campaigning and Digital Law (Digi-DCL) is an innovative, interdisciplinary international postgraduate program, exclusively in English language, offering an intellectual stimulating action learning journey, reflecting, and experimenting with possible future scenarios and impact solutions to immersive web3 and 4th industrial revolution, cultivating curiosity and creative thinking in addressing real world challenges. The program is aimed at graduates and professionals with experience or interest in the design and implementation of public policies with an emphasis on digital transformation and digital innovation, entrepreneurship and social innovation with a positive impact, digital communication and campaigning, international relations, diplomacy, advocacy institutions and NGOs. The program is organized by the school of International Studies and Culture of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences.


The program develops in 3 semesters, a dynamic interplay between theoretical teaching and empirical study, interactive co-creation and innovation workshops. The courses are designed in a multi-modular mode, through technical and digital blended learning tools, combining cutting-edge research and theoretical thinking, and it involves participants in real-world problems (challenge-based learning / learning by doing) and in co-designing solutions with a positive impact (design sprints).



MA DigiDCL is a hybrid program, face-to-face, hybrid, and online, designed to offer flexibility and accessibility to both graduates local and international students, faculty, and guest expert speakers and an opportunity to cater to diverse life-professional schedules, while enabling all participants to advance academically, professionally, engaging and networking with leading academics and professionals from different fields and geographies.



MA DigiDCL offers a face-to-face, Kickoff Bootcamp organized every year in one of the most welcoming and famous Greek destinations, combining jumpstart team building activities, cultural and nature discovery experiences with a co-creative program, engaging all participants, faculty, and guest speakers into teamwork, igniting talks, exploring and reflecting on the digital -virtual landscape and its various transformations and challenges. During the Bootcamp, the participants will get a first deep dive into innovative research methods and get a first hands-on experience on how to explore and understand our ever-evolving digital social worlds, practices, and relationships


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