In order to better organize the educational, research and administrative functions of the Department, it is divided into Academic Divisions of related fields of knowledge. In accordance with the General Assembly, the Department includes three Divisions:

International Relations
International and European Institutions
International Political Economy


The objects of study for each Section were assigned as follows:


1. International Relations Division

• History of International Relations and Strategy
• Theory and Methodology of International Relations
• Philosophy, History, and Sociology of International Relations
• Comparative Politics
• Strategic Studies
• Conflict Resolution
• Foreign Policy Analysis
• Religion and International Politics
• Political Aspects of International Institutions
• Integration Theories
• Foreign Policy of Major Powers
• Area Studies, with emphasis on the Balkans and Turkey, Middle East, Europe and the United States
• Greek Foreign and Defence Policy


2. International and European Institutions Division

• International Law
• Theory, Methodology and History of International Law
• International Organizations
• Diplomatic History
• Diplomatic Studies
• Institutions, Law and Policies of the European Union
• International and European Economic Law
• International Protection of Human Rights


3. International Political Economy Division

• Political Economy
• Macroeconomics
• Public Economics
• Economic Analysis and Policy
• Economic Development
• Labour Economics
• Globalization
• International Economics
• International Trade
• International Monetary Relations
• Economics of European Integration
• Regional Policy and Development
• Sector Economics and Policies
• European Monetary Integration
• Studies on the Social Role of Gender