The Department of International, European and Area Studies was founded in 1997, but its history begins in the mid-1960s when the course of International Relations was first taught at the Department of Political Science of Panteion School of Political Science.

In 1983 the Department of Political Science was renamed as Department of Political Science and International Studies, in recognition of the growing importance of the new field of International Relations and the glorious tradition of Panteion in the teaching of International Law, International Institutions and Diplomatic History.

The development of International Studies after 1989 – at Panteion University- has been enhanced by the establishment of the Institute of International Relations. The Institute of International Relation provides a forum for public debate on foreign policy and the institutional framework and logistical support for specialized research. Another important milestone was the establishment of the Postgraduate Program which started in 1994 and has been operating successfully ever since.

In 1997 the Department of International and European Studies was established and operated independently. In June 2013 the Department was renamed as Department of International, European and Area Studies.

It should be noted that all these years, both the systematic study of theory and practice at national and international level work as a key feature of the curriculum. Such a global and interdisciplinary view not only offers the student the necessary knowledge to obtain a degree, but also the necessary basis for a promising career.