M.A. in International Relations and Strategic Studies

M.A. in International & European Law & Governance

  • International Law & Diplomatic Studies
  • European Criminal Law & Politics
  • Environmental & Energy Law & Policy

M.A. in  Strategic Security Studies

(in collaboration with Hellenic National Defence College)

Interdepartmental M.A. Postgraduate Program Gender, Society and Politics


Programme Objectives & Career Prospects

The M.A. combines theoretical courses with the empirical study of International and European affairs. Each M.A. specialisation has a different target group and aims at addressing different job market demands.  More specifically:
The specialisation International Law and Diplomatic Studies is intended to train future officials of the diplomatic corps, practitioners of economic and cultural diplomacy and executives of international organisations.
The specialisation International Relations and Strategic Studies is intended to train experts in matters related to international security, foreign policy, strategic analysis and area studies emphasising on the stability/instability of areas such as the Balkans or the Middle East.
The specialisation European Law and Public Policy is intended to train professionals to staff professions for the public administration, chambers of commerce etc., as well as executives of European organisations, consulting firms, etc.
The specialisation International Business Law and Economics is intended to train legal and financial advisors for enterprises conducting international business, bank officials who wish to serve in international banking directorates or in bank branches abroad.
The specialization Environment and Sustainable Development is intended to train experts for environmental assessments and related tasks.
The specialization International Political Economy is intended to train staff that will fill public and private sector positions (e.g. bank report directorates) that require combined knowledge of economics and politics for the elaboration of risk assessments depending on the geographical areas and economic activities.
Finally, the M.A. is a prerequisite for admission to the PhD programme.