Diamantopoulos Athanasios

PositionProfessor EmeritusFieldGreek political system-Political Powers (theoretical approach)Emailthan.diamantop[ at ] gmail.com


Born in Athens, 1951.

Degrees: University of Athens. Low school, 1973 (first award), Political sciences, Classics (philosophy, pedagogic, psychology).

Post-graduates studies: Master (DEA) of comparative politics, PHD of Political Science, University of Paris-I (Sorbonne).

He has been teaching in Panteion Univerity since 1979 (Political institutions, Comparative Politics, Comparative approach of political systems, Theory of Political Parties, Greek political system, Political Systems of Europe and the USA). In the past, he taught as visiting professor in the IEP (Insitut d’Etudes Politiques)  of Lille. He was president of the Greek National Center of Public Administration (2004-2005).

Main works:

Political Parties and Party Systems.

Party political families.

The theory of Political Power.

Political “Regimes”.

Introduction to Politics.

Electoral Systems for presidents and Assemblies.

Les systèmes électoraux aux présidentielles et aux législatives (Editions of the University of Brussels).

On referendums.

The political system of the USA.

Greek Politics of the 20th century.

Presidential system in Greece?

At all 21 books and a lot of publications.

In 2014 he was candidate in the Academy of Athens –chair of Political Science- and he was voted from 13 academicians (out of 38).