Dimadama Zefi

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Dr. Zefi Dimadama is a Teaching Staff (EDIP) at the Department of International, European and Regional Studies at Panteion University and she holds a Doctorate (PhD) and Postgraduate Diploma (Msc) in the field of “Regional Development and Environmental Policies”.

She was a Fellow of the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) for the preparation of a doctoral dissertation.

She was Director General of International Centre for Black sea Studies and has a significant presence in International Forums and scientific contribution to research activities in the field of Economics and the Environment and has participated in research activities on European environmental policies and climate change (Germany, Belgium, UK).

She is the author of a monograph entitled “Economy, Development, Environment. Theoretical Approaches and Policies for Sustainable Development »[2008, Papazisis Publications, Athens] and participates in individual and collective scientific publications in Greek and international publications.

She is active internationally on issues related to Regional Development, Economy and the Environment and on issues gender equality issues.

Zefi Dimadama is a member of the “European Urban Research Association” (EURA), a member of the “Economic Chamber of Greece” and the “Association of Greek Regions”.

Undergraduate courses:

  1. International Law, Ιnstitutions and Development Policies,
  2. International Environmental Governance and Mediterranean,
  3. The 17 Targets of UN [SDG’s].


  1. Policy for the Protection of the Environment,
  2. EU Environmental Protection: Law and Policy,

Postgraduate courses:

  1. Economics of Environment and Energy,
  2. International law of Sustainable Development.


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