Kanellopoulou Neda

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Neda Kanellopoulou has studied law at the University of Strasbourg, with a DEA in Public Law, and holds a PhD in Law from the University of Thessaloniki. She has been serving at Panteion University since 1991, when she was appointed as lecturer at the General Department of Law, and joined the Department of International, European and Regional Studies in 2013. She has been director of the Postgraduate Program “Law and European Integration” of the General Department of Law and director of the Division of International and European Institutions of the Department of International, European and Regional Studies.

Her scientific interests focus on the study of the evolution of Constitutional Law and constitutional theory, under the influence of globalization and European integration. In her work she attempts to reconsider the classical concepts through the study of the foundations and the method of the classical theory and their projection on the new requirements of contemporary societies.

She was a lawyer in Athens, a member of scientific bodies and law-making committees.

From her work: Le principe hiérachique, Strasbourg, 1983 (master’s dissertation), The political review of the constitutionality of the law (Study of Comparative Constitutional Law under the Law of Greece, France and the Federal Republic of Germany), Athens, 1989 (PHD dissertation), The political-party activity of civil servants (Contribution to the interpretation of article 29 par. 3 of the Constitution of 1975/86 and the relevant legislative framework), Ant. Sakkoulas, 1990, On the method of Constitutional Law (From the impasses of the traditional perception to the fuzzy post-modernism), series Constitutional Law in Europe, vol. 3rd, Ant. Sakkoulas, 1995, The emancipation of Europe, Constitutional theory of European unification, Epistemological components, published by Papazisis, 2012, Constitutional theory of fundamental rights, Patakis, Athens (forthcoming)

She has authored numerous articles, comments, book reviews, academic notes, scholarly translations, she participated in research projects, and published articles in the press on critical constitutional issues. Latest works including: Europe-Janus, in: N. Kanellopoulou-Malouchou, Ant. Metaxas, L. Papadopoulou, The fiscal crisis as a catalyst for the promotion or suspension of European integration ?, published by Papazisis, Athens 2014, p. 13 ff., «De la protection des animaux (en Droit grec) : Vers un droit subjectif fondamental ?», in: Revue Méditerranéenne de Droit Public, vol. VII, September 2017, p.163 ff.,“ The concept of common interest in the contemporary state”, in: L. Papadopoulou, K. Gogos, M. Pikramenos Greece in Europe, Eurasia, 2019, p.47ff., “The Beethoven Frieze: Rethinking Democracy in European Constitutional Culture”, published in the volume of the International Conference Safeguarding Democratic Institutions within a Europe in crisis: Challenges and responses (2018), Sideris,, “The subject of rights, subject of duties?”, in: The Constitution in progress, Honorary Volume for Antonis Manitakis, Sakkoulas, 2019, p.359 ff., “Article 1”, “Article 2” (with O Tsolka), “Article 12”, “Article 22”, “Article 28”, “Article 30”, “Article 39”, “Article 40”, “Article 52”, in: E. Sahpekidou ed., Ch. Tagaras, A Commentary of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, Nomiki Vivliothiki 2020, “Un droit de résistance à l’oppression à l’échelle européenne? Réaffirmer le lien entre droits et démocratie dans l’Union européenne » ,in: Ch.Gortsos, A.Passas, V.Chatzopoulos, D.Chryssochoou (eds), Liber Amicorum Constantin A.Stephanou, Νοmiki Vivliothiki 2021, pp. 168 επ. (forthcoming).


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