The department runs a three-year doctoral programme where each candidate is conducting his/her research under the supervisor of a three-member advisory committee. The programme leads to a PhD in International and European Studies, with specialisation in one of the following areas:

  1. International Law
  2. Diplomatic History
  3. International Relations
  4. Strategic Studies
  5. International Economic Law
  6. European Law
  7. European Policy
  8. Environmental Governance and Sustainable Development
  9. International Political Economy.

Admission Requirements

Candidates for a PhD degree at the Department must hold a post-graduate degree.

Candidates must contact a faculty member, to discuss about the subject of their thesis and secure his/her consent in supervising the proposed research.

Candidates must fill in a special application form available at the Department’s Secretariat, accompanied by an extensive memo on the subject and relevant bibliography. The Special-Composition General Assembly then resolves on the composition of a three-member Advisory Committee to oversee and accept the prospective PhD student. The period, over which the dissertation will be elaborated, will not be less than three years. Once a year, candidates must submit a progress report, signed by three members of the Advisory Committee.

After the thesis is submitted, the Special-Composition General Assembly designates a seven-member Examination Committee, before which the candidate must present his/her thesis in a public session announced beforehand. The Committee decides to approve or not to approve the thesis, awarding also the mark decided (unanimously or in majority) by the members.