American Studies Seminar


Since 1995, the Institute of International Relations (IDIS) organizes the annual American Studies Seminar in cooperation with the Public Affairs Office of the US Embassy in Greece and the American College of Greece (Deree).

Each year, the instructors include professors from American, European and Greek universities. The seminar focuses on major issues in American politics and society, which are examined comparatively to similar issues in Greece, Europe and the rest of the world.


Chinese Studies Seminar


The Chinese Studies Seminar (CSS) is an annual training program of IDIS that started in 2020 with the aim of disseminating knowledge about modern China to the Greek public.

The thematic scope of the Seminar covers the history, political system, economy, society and international relations of the People’s Republic of China. The speakers are renowned academics from Greece and abroad


IDIS Training Seminars

At the core of program are the six seminars of the Defense Studies Cycle. The participation of army officers is subsidized by the Greek Army General Staff.

Additional seminars are offered on issues ranging from current security challenges (terrorism, migration), to Greek foreign policy (Greek-Turkish relations, the Balkans) and history (Greek grand strategy from 1821 to today, etc).



European Research and Training Center on Human Rights and Humanitarian Action (EKEKDAAD) – An innovative Hands on Seminar of Theory on grassroot Humanitarian Mediation


ΕKEKDAAD is organizing since 2020 innovative hands-on Seminars on grassroot Humanitarian Mediation with the cooperation of experts from the Red Cross Movement.

The aim of the Seminar is to train master students and humanitarian NGO staff working in Greece on the theory and practive of Humanitarian Mediation in areas of conflict, crisis, or in refugee /migrant camps.

Hands on Seminars are organized annually on cutting edge humanitarian issues.

European Research and Training Center on Human Rights and Humanitarian Action (EKEKDAAD) – Joint Advanced Training on Interdisciplinary Issues of Health, Human Rights, Detention, and Torture Victims and their Identification, organized Annually since 2011.

In Cooperation with Jean Monnet Chair EU Solidarity in Civil Protection and Humanitarian Action and Humanitarian Medicine and Response in Action – EU Med Aid -of the Master of International Medicine – Disaster Medicine, UoA.

Since 2011, Annual Training Seminar on Humanitarian Law Principles- Detention -Torture are organized for Master Students.

Since 2020/2021 the Advanced Seminar was incorporated into the curriculum of the Master Course Specialization International Law and Diplomatic Studies, as a Joint Module of two Jean Monnet Chairs: EU Solidarity inCIPROHA and EUMedAid


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European Research and Training Center on Human Rights and Humanitarian Action (EKEKDAAD) – Horizon 2020


Since 2019 Co-creation and world café Workshops in Integration Indicators for Refugee and Migrant Children for EKEKDAAD researchers and NGO staff and volunteers.

The workshops involve migrant and refugee children /their parents / teachers and experts on the psychosocial inclusion of children in schools.

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European Research and Training Center on Human Rights and Humanitarian Action (EKEKDAAD)

Annual Seminars organized in cooperation with Jean Monnet Chairs on :

Α) Since 2015: Refugee – Migration Law In Cooperation with the University of Aegean (Lesvos) and the Institute of International Relations, for the training of researchers, Asylum Service Case Workers and NGO staff and volunteers.

Β) Since 2021: on the Management of Covid 19 Pandemic in the EU.

C) Natural Disasters and Civil Protection Mechanisms, Coordination and International Disaster Response Law (IDRL).

These Seminars explore the role of DG ECHO/ of the European Commission on Managing Civil Protection and Humanitarian Action Crises.