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Georgios Evangelopoulos

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Associate Professor of Political Philosophy, International Relations
evangelopoulos62 [at] gmail dot com 
+30 210 9201847
Panteion University
136 Sygrou Ave. | Athens 176 71 | Greece


Short Bio

Georgios L. Evangelopoulos is Associate Professor of Political Philosophy and International Relations at the Panteion University of Social and Political Science in Athens. Georgios holds a PhD in International Relations from the LSE and a law degree from the University of Athens School of Law. He is also a Fellow of the International Relations Institute (IRI) and a former National Bank of Greece Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Hellenic Observatory of the LSE (2013-2014). On March 15, 2019 he was appointed CHS (Center for Hellenic Studies) Associate in International Affairs and Law at Harvard University.

  His research interests focus on three areas: International Political Theory, Philosophy of Science and International Relations, as well as Foreign Policy Analysis. He has authored or co-authored six books, the most recent of which is Political Philosophy and International Relations: Panajotis Kondylis and Alexandre Kojève (Eurasia Publications, Athens 2020). Further contributions consist in more than forty articles and book chapters that cover a broad range of subjects, mostly in political philosophy and the philosophy of science.

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