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Chara Karagiannopoulou

Assistant Professor of Comparative and International Politics

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+30 210 9201813
Panteion University
136, Sygrou Avenue; 176 71 Athens


Short Bio

Chara Karagiannopoulou is Ast. Professor of Comparative and International Politics. In the past, she was Teaching Fellow at Universität Bielefeld, Germany and Member of the Scientific Committee of the Research Center for Gender Equality. 

She holds a M.Th. degree in History and Philosophy of Religions from King’s College, London and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany. Her research interests include: Gender as an analytical category in the field of International Relations and Religion and International Relations / Foreign Policy. .

Courses taught


  • Religion and International Politics
  • Methodology of Comparative Politics
  • Gender in International Studies
  • International and European Actions for Gender Equality


  • Contemporary Issues of International Politics (with Ass. Prof. A. Gofas)
  • Gender in International Politics. Theory and Practice



  • Α Guide on how to Combat Gender Stereotypes in Mass Media , (with L. Maratou-Alipranti and E. Fereti), Athens: Greeek League for Women Rights, (2016) [in Greek].
  • Party System and Cleavages in pre-Communist Albania, The Kaleidoscope of the German and Greek Diplomacy, Darmstadt: Universitäts-Landesbibliothek Darmstadt, 2009.
  • Women’s Participation at Political Decision Making Centers :Quotas or Parity?, Athens: Sideris, 2009 [in Greek].
  • Gender Equality and Education: Preparing Equal Citizens, Athens: Research Center for Gender Equality, 2009, (co-edited with Alipranti-Maratou L. and Gasouka M) [in Greek].

Articles & Book Chapters 

  • “Unveiling the ‘veiling’ debate in the Greek Press” Studies in Law on Religion, (20): 2018.
  • Religion and Gender Equality: patterns of a confrontational relationship in the international setting”, The Greek Review of Social Research , (148 A): 1-31, (2017), [in Greek].
  • “Contemporary International Conflicts and the Issue of ‘religious’ Violence”Culture and Research (6): 1-25, (2017).
  • “Religious Cleavage: An instrument of the Great Powers’ Foreign Policy towards Albania”, Albanian Journal of Politics, (2): 2009, pp.119-142.
  • “Diplomatic perspective of Migrant’s Cultural Education”, in Teaching the Greek Culture, Nafplion: Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University, 2012, [in Greek].